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10 Algebra 1 Lessons

19 Lessons

10 Free Algebra 1 Lesson Plans complete with the lesson plan, bellringer, connecting activity, PPT, practice page, and exit slip.

10 Geometry Lessons

10 Lessons

Welcome, HighSchoolMathTeachers!

I am so happy to join you here. I am excited to offer you these free lesson plans to help you save time each and every day. Enjoy more time doing the things you love with these standard aligned lesson plans that will help you cover all of the Geometry Common Core Standards.

Skills List Packages

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Download the Skills list for your course.

  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 1 - 8th Grade Edition
  • Geometry

Teacher's Copy

You will receive a complete copy of the teacher's edition of the Skills List color-coded by unit for easy management.

Student Copy

A student copy is also included in black and white and ready to be printed for your parents and students.

Implementation Guide

Where did the skills list come from? How do I use it? All this and more with our implementation guide.

Bonus - Pi-Day

1 Lessons

Bonus - Line of Best Fit

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