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  • Unit 1 - Patterns and Functions
  • Unit 2 - Linear Equations
  • Unit 3 - Modeling Linear Data
  • Unit 4 - Statistics
  • Unit 5 - Linear Equations and Inequalities
  • Unit 6 - Systems of Equations
  • Unit 7 - Sequences and Functions
  • Unit 8 - Exponential Functions
  • Unit 9 - Linear and Exponential Functions
  • Unit 10 - Understand Quadratic Functions
  • Unit 11 - Operations on Polynomials
  • Unit 12 - Solve Quadratic Functions


  • Weekly Formative Assessments
  • Unit Tests (3 versions each)
  • Final Exam (3 versions)


  • Yearly Pacing Guide
  • Skills List (Teacher and Student copy)


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Course Overview & Documents

2 Lessons

Pre/Post Tests & Final Exams

1 Lessons

Unit 1 - Patterns and Functions

23 Lessons

This unit covers a range of topics that were covered before in a way that incorporates functions and function notation.

Topics include the order of operations, solving one-variable equations, basic graphing, the definition of a function, vertical line test, domain and range, evaluation of functions, basic systems of equations, comparing graphs, tables, and equations, and finally algebraic modeling of patterns and equations.

Unit 2 - Linear Functions

18 Lessons

Unit 2 focuses on linear equations and the deeper meaning behind the equations.

This unit includes a deeper understanding of slope, forms of linear functions, graphing linear functions, creating linear functions from tables, graphs, or situations, arithmetic sequences, inverse functions, and translations of linear functions.


Unit 3 - Modeling Linear Data

18 Lessons

Unit 3 covers a more in-depth study of linear functions with an emphasis on applications.

Topics in Unit 3 include fitting a function to data, line of best fit, making predictions from data, correlation coefficient, and causation vs. correlation.


Unit 4 - Statistics

19 Lessons

Unit 4 covers tools for describing variability in data and making decisions.

Topics in Unit 4 include dot plots, histograms, box plots, measures of central tendencies, standard deviation, extraneous points, two-way frequency tables, joint, marginal and conditional joint frequencies, and using appropriate quantities and accuracy.

Unit 5 - Linear Equations and Inequalities

14 Lessons

Unit 5 covers the big picture of solving linear equations and inequalities including algebraic manipulations.

Topics in Unit 5 include solving literal equations, justifications using properties of operations, solving complex one-variable equations, and graphing one and two-variable inequalities.

Unit 6 - System of Equations

14 Lessons

Unit 6 covers solving systems of linear equations. (Systems of non-linear systems is covered in unit 12)

Topics in Unit 6 include solving systems of linear equations by graphing, substitution and elimination.

Unit 7 - Sequences and Functions

13 Lessons

Unit 7 covers the basics of sequences and functions with an emphasis on real world examples.

Topics include graphing exponential functions, simple and compound interest, writing exponential functions, geometric sequences, and explicit and recursive forms for sequences.

Unit 8 - Exponential Functions

19 Lessons

Unit 8 covers exponential and radical functions.

The Topics include exponential rules review, domain and range of exponential functions, function notation, simplifying radicals review, operations with radicals, rational exponents, simplification of radical expressions, population growth, and translating exponential functions.

Unit 9 - Linear and Exponential Models

14 Lessons

Unit 9 covers comparing and combining linear and exponential models.

Topics in Unit 9 include understanding the difference between linear and exponential functions, comparing functions, writing the equation of an exponential growth or decay function, combining functions, graphing combination of functions, and operations on functions.

Unit 10 - Understand Quadratic Functions

14 Lessons

Unit 10 covers the big picture understanding of quadratic functions.

Topics in Unit 10 include parts of a quadratic function, domain, and range of quadratic functions, finding the inverse of quadratic functions, graphing quadratic functions, and transformations of quadratic functions.

Unit 11 - Operations on Polynomials

19 Lessons

Unit 11 covers operations on polynomials and includes an introduction to factoring.

Topics for Unit 11 include polynomial operations including adding, subtracting, distributing, and multiplication, special products, common factors, factoring special cases, factoring trinomials, factoring with the box method, closure with polynomials, and number theory with closure.

Unit 12 - Solve Quadratic Functions

19 Lessons

Unit 12 covers everything about solving quadratic functions.

Topics in Unit 12 include solving quadratics by factoring, completing the square, finding the minimum and maximum of a quadratic function, deriving the quadratic formula, systems of linear and quadratic equations.

8th Grade Extensions

4 Lessons